The following technique and standards will be used and provided as available. Certain additional equipment can be organised on request.


  • UHD (Ultra HD) 4K, 6K, 8K in any common codecs, frame rates and image formats, depending on each camera type (PAL or NTSC)

Camera technology

  • Digital Cinema

Canon C 100 Mark II, Canon C 300 Mark II, Canon C500 Mark II, Canon C700

Sony PWX-FS5 II, PXW-FS7, PXW- FS7 II, PXW-FX9, PMW-F5, PMW-F55, Venice

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Pocket

  • DSLR

Sony Alpha 7S II, Sony Alpha 7R II, Canon 5D Mark IV

  • Broadcast

Sony PWD 700, PWD 750, PWD F800, PMW-EX3

  • Actioncams

GoPro Hero 7, Hero 8

  • Camera equipment

Various lenses (prime- or zoom lenses), matte box, filter, fluid zoom, focus demand, dry pot, monitors, wireless monitoring, external recorder, hand bars, power supply, storage media and other accessories

  • Lighting equipment

LED panels or HMI (5600K), artificial light (3200K) or bicolour (3200K-5600K), dry pots, sun bouncer, soft boxes, flags, diffusions, grip, cables and other accessories

  • Sound equipment

Field mixer & recorder, microphones, wireless microphones, wind jammer and other accessories


  • Dolly, crane, steadycam, polcam, gimbal, slider, drone, easy rig or cam car
  • Additional camera technology
  • Additional lighting and stage technology
  • Additional sound technology
  • Time-lapse equipment for long exposure
  • Equipment for hidden camera
  • Technology for events and congresses, multicam operation and live stream
  • Studio including white-blue or green box, lighting and autocue
  • Postproduction such as video editing, colour correction, graphic works, sound studio, voice recordings, music composition
  • Production vehicles

The equipment rental is only possible with actual professional staff.