Renting camera crews

Our team exclusively consists of self-employed and experienced professionals, who will get composed depending on availability and requirements.
The most common form of team rental is the ENG Team. This proven formation is offered for classic TV reports as follows:

Basic equipment for an ENG (Electronic News Gathering Standard)
Camera crew consisting of:

  • Camera operator, sound assistant
  • Camera with lens, dry pot, monitor, batteries, storage media and accessories
  • 3 channel stereo mixer, directional microphone, boom, 2 wireless microphones, wind jammer und accessories
  • 2 pieces LED panels, dry pots and accessories,
  • Insurance for the equipment
  • Daily allowance camera crew
  • Car (combi or minivan) including 50km driving route

1. Prices

The price setting conforms to demands of our clients, means the technical and personal outlay, the required expenditure of time, as well as the current film location. An individual cost budget will be made and offered for each project.

2. Working hours

Usually, 10 working hours will be offered per day. In Vienna, the period of service starts 30 minutes before the meeting point at the film location and ends 30 minutes after finishing the film shooting at the film location. In case of film shootings outside of Vienna, the whole travel time to and from the film location back to Vienna will be counted. A break of at least 30 minutes shall be complied.

3. Extra hours

The cost of extra hours or all-inclusive overtime arrangements will be specified in the offer of each project and will be offset if needed. Every started extra hour will be compensated for a total hour.

4. Daily allowance

Daily allowances within Austria will be charged all-in with EURO 25,- for each person. Outside of Austria it will get calculated by the table of the Austrian Chamber of Economy.

5. Kilometre allowance

Usually, a vehicle (minivan or combi) will be offered including 50km driving route. All additional kilometres will be charged against EURO 0,50. The fuel consumption is already considered here. The costs of the Austrian motorway toll are included, further possible toll charges will be offset depending on outlays.

6. Parking costs

Parking costs will be offset depending on outlays.

7. Travel costs

Train, hire car, driving costs or airfare will be offset depending on outlays. Costs for additional arrival and departure days will be calculated with 65% of current daily salaries. Usually, camera equipments will be offset only on operating days.

8. Hotel expenses

Costs for accommodations will be calculated and charged depending on the region, normally a four- star hotel will be booked.

9. Expandable materials

Storage media of all types, batteries and other expandable material will be offset depending on outlays.

10. Transport costs

Taxi, courier services, shipping and other transport costs will be offset depending on outlays.

11. Upload video footage

The upload of video footage and photos to the company server is possible and will be charged separately.

12. Insurances / External additional charges / Accreditation

Crew members and the equipment are covered in Austria. In foreign deployment, costs for necessary insurances, visa, customs documents or others will be charged separately. Needed accreditations shall be provided by the client.

13. Order intake

After receiving a written order and a confirmation of estimated costs of the project, the assignment will be performed.

14. Terms of payment

Payment is due without any kind of discount or deduction within 10 days from the date of invoice. Partial payments are depending on the volume of orders and will be defined individually in the offer.

15. Liability for damages during film shootings

Our team always works with due caution and care.

However, we take no responsibility for personal injuries, buildings or material goods.

16. Complaints

Usually, work will be done bound by instructions according to clients. Required actions are discussed and therefore considered accepted. In this case, later complaints will not be accepted at a later date.

17. Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is in Vienna, Austria.

Gender Disclaimer

Gender-specific spelling will be renounced only for the limited purpose of enhance readability. Hence, all personal designations on the website are understood as gender-neutral.