The main focus of our services is the provision of camera crews / camera men and filmmakers, who will be requested and booked depending on requirements and availability. In this process, we cooperate with partner companies such as film productions, rental companies and freelancers. In this process, we cooperate with partner companies such as film productions, rental companies and freelancers.

Besides classical team rentals for TV reports, we arrange the perfectly suitable colleagues and the required equipment for various tasks in all audiovisual fields.

Our wide-ranging skills lie in the following areas:

  • ENG (EB team) for current reporting and reportages
  • TV and cinema documentaries
  • Industry film
  • Image films and commercials
  • Movies and series
  • TV studio productions
  • Live streaming, for video conferences and internet interviews
  • Webinars
  • Time-lapse shots for long-term projects, for example the documentation of construction sites
  • Hidden cameras for TV series
  • Production of complete movies
  • Organisation of visual presentations for events and congresses, as well as big screen projections and video recordings with multi camera set ups or live streaming
  • Creation of video clips for web sites and social media
  • Photographic works like reportages, studio photography, 360 degree panorama photography, including editing and finishing.

We implement those tasks for a diversified client base

  • TV stations
  • Film productions
  • Agencies
  • Companies and groups
  • Associations
  • Public companies
  • Private clients

The following specialists and services can be requested, organised or placed for different projects:

For film shootings

  • Director / Assistant Director
  • Camera operator or DOP / Second Camera Operator
  • Camera Assistant / Focus Puller
  • DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) / 2. Camera Assistant
  • Steadycam Operator
  • Sound Engineer / Sound Assistant
  • Lighting Technician
  • Dolly / Grip
  • Production Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Set Manager
  • Costume Designer / Wardrobe
  • Make-up Artist / Visagist
  • Film Set Designer
  • Editorial Staff
  • Crew for aerial and drone recordings
  • Photographer
  • Background Actor / Small-Part Actors
  • Catering
  • Driver

For the editing:

  • Video editing station including cutter
  • Graphic works
  • Colour correction
  • Recording studio
  • Speaker / Narrator / God Voice


  • Studio for photographic works and film shootings
  • SNG broadcast vehicles
  • Light equipment rental
  • Camera equipment rental
  • Audio equipment rental
  • Interpreter

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